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The Moon has, since the beginning of time, pulled on the planet, moving tides and the hearts of humans. The Moon shines its light on our earth each night and can help shine a light on the darkest corners of our lives; those places where we hide our creativity, our power, our secrets and our deepest desires.

Crafted during the January Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse, these earrings are one of a kind and were charged under this powerful moon event. Each piece is infused with the energy of the Super Blood Moon Eclipse and will help channel the power you need to open new pathways and follow the dreams you’ve been hiding in those deepest corners of your heart. If nothing else, they are a spectacular statement piece!

Note, each design can be recreated to order, should the originals sell out. Although they won’t be infused with the Super Blood Moon Eclipse energy, they will be charged on selenite and infused with blessings and whatever intention you desire. Also, each design can be custom made with stones of your choice. Please refer to our Stone Guide to help you make custom stone choices.

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